Travel Journal: Frankfurt, Germany

There was a joint effort in this blog post.

Written by Enda. Photographed by Laura.

Day 1

To kick off 2016 in style, we decided to roll the Ryanair cheap flight dice and headed to Frankfurt, Germany for an extended weekend break. We got decent value on the flights, or so we thought until we arrived at Frankfurt-Hahn airport only to discover we were a long way from Frankfurt (125km) in the middle of nowhere and an hour and a half bus journey to downtown Frankfurt. Luckily, the buses ran regularly and we didn’t have to hang around long at all. It was a comfortable drive all the way and we were able to see the beautiful German countryside which was a nice added bonus.

We jumped off at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and connected with the subway there to make our way to our AirBnB which was located centrally right next to Sudbahnhof. After dropping off our stuff and catching our first look at the city skyline from our bedroom window, we strolled around the corner for dinner at a beautiful restaurant called Localbahnhof on the recommendation of our AirBnB host. One Schnitzel with local specialty Frankfurter Grüne Soße (Green Sauce) and a Cajun Burger later and we headed down to the river for a walk.




We also wandered across pedestrian Eiserner Steg bridge (A.K.A. Frankfurt Love Lock Bridge) that stretches across the Main River.


Day 2

After wandering out in search of breakfast we found an Aldi shop and went in to see what was on offer. Turns out we hit the jackpot as Aldi in Germany has an in-store bakery where you can pick out some goodies by pushing a button on a huge vending machine. Breakfast sorted! We wandered into town and arrived just as they were removing the final few branches on the huge 30m Christmas tree located in the historic Romerberg area. Frankfurt is a really nice compact city to walk around and we kind of lost the run of time for the rest of the day just wandering around and taking photos. 








We also took advantage of the multicultural nature of Frankfurt by having some amazing Korean for lunch and Thai for dinner. We returned to Alte Sachsenhausen on the way home for a few drinks.

Day 3

On our way into town on Saturday morning, we stumbled upon the amazing flomarkt (flea market ) held every second weekend on Shaumainkai street by the river. You can find absolutely anything here from old cameras and computer monitors to antique bikes and cash registers. We managed to grab a typewriter for a tenner after some lowballing which would work as a carry on bag for the flight home. There was plenty of good food on offer too like crepes and bratwursts at the tents in between all the stalls. 





After a long walk with plenty of distractions along the way, we made it to the Naturmuseum Senckenberg. This place is amazing and it has one of the largest collections of dinosaur bones and fossils in the world with the full scale T-Rex and Triceratops being the most impressive. They also seem to have every other animal in the world on site in what is a very impressive display. We had about 3 hours to make our way around but you’d really need a full day if you wanted to see everything.

Day 4

Sunday morning arrived and we had time for one more small walk into town for breakfast. We came across a lively festival taking place in Romerberg after breakfast. We then caught the bus for Hahn airport just in time and finished the trip with a Currywurst and beer at the airport.

Aufwiedersehen Deutschland. Wir werden zurückkommen…



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